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Oracabessa St. Mary, Jamaica. Goldeneye Hotel & Resort + Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary.


"Seascape Caribbean develops
functional, attractive
and responsible coastlines."

Seascape Caribbean is a private ecosystems restoration and development company specializing in coastal marine, estuarine and river systems. 

The services provided by living, vibrant coastal ecosystems have degraded over recent decades. Seascape Caribbean assesses the historic and current state of a system and provides high-value, comprehensive restorative solutions.

Our focus is on the propagative restoration of living coral and coral reefs using our patent-pending, as well as shared and published, innovations and processes. 

Seascaping is landscaping in the sea, on and beyond the coast, using corals, mangrove trees, seagrasses, fish and shellfish, structures and finally people. It is the active modification of marine and coastal environments for aesthetic, recreational, ecological and hydrological goals :
Aesthetics and recreational value
Coastal protection and erosion control
Reefscape re-colouring
Clean, uniform sandy beach development or redevelopment
Fisheries enhancement
Staff training and community integration
Mitigations to development
Climate change and sea-level rise relevance of hard engineering
Bio-Integration and beautification of hard engineering structures
A205 Seawinds on the Bay, Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.
T: (876) 363-8850