Seascape Caribbean is an ecosystems restoration and development group founded by Dr. Andrew Ross. We specialize in coastal marine, estuarine and river systems. We have been providing propagative coral culture and restoration of living coral and coral reef ecosystem services to tourism, communities, engineering and to governments since 2005.



In 2004, Dr. Ross developed the buoyant mid-water line (BDL) nursery for the in situ culture of coral fragments under Jamaican conditions. A combination of the methods of Bowden-Kerby and Shafir, this system provided predictable high survivorship and high growth rates per nursery propagule or fragment, opening doors to commercial use. 

MEET OUR Chief scientist

Dr. Andrew Ross has been working in the conservation of corals in Jamaica since 2002 and in the propagative culture of corals since 2004, in which he completed his Ph.D. at UWI-Mona in 2013. He has been generating, adapting and teaching techniques in coral culture, enhancement, restoration and maintenance since 2006 and presented to ICRS in 2008 and 2016.

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Partners & Collaborators

Seascape Caribbean works as and within a collaborative of ecologists, managers, fishers, lawyers, engineers, designers, investors and others working towards a nexus of ecological and economic sustainability.