Seascape Caribbean develops functional, attractive and responsible coastlines


Seascape Caribbean specializes in coastal marine, estuarine and river systems, with a particular focus on the propagative restoration of living corals and coral reef ecosystem services. Our approach revolves around our clients realizing a return on investment (ROI) in addition intrinsic services and social values, even in impact remediation.

The various programmatic values are rarely mutually exclusive and usually dovetail; the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. 



TOURISM & Recreation Aesthetics

Beautification, recreation, edutainment and green-branding with direct income generation. We help enhance guest experience by improving the quality of sea activities.

  • Snorkelling parks, gardens & trails and SCUBA diving product development.

  • Reefscape colouring by changing the degraded reef’s green-browns to vibrant golds, yellows, purples and iridescent greens, particularly when viewed from above.

  • Green branding marketing content to attract novel and repeat guests.

Soft Engineering, Coastal Protections and Beaches

Corals and growing, self-healing coral reef structure provide a physical barrier to wave energies, protecting infrastructure and allowing the downstream accumulation of sands into beaches and dunes.  We approach remediation as a programmatic investment rather than a project cost.

  • Remediation for incidental and accidental impacts, including net-positive ecological and economic end-point. Impact mitigation, remediation and restoration.

  • Adaptation of existing hard-engineered structures to sea-level rises associated with climate change.

  • Coastal protection, erosion control and clean sand accretion through turbulent attenuation of wave energy.



Habitat improvement, augmenting recruitment, maximized productivity, ecosystem function, community engagement and protected areas. We promote positive social impacts through coastal community development.

  • Ecosystem and fisheries enhancement, management, protection and restocking.

  • Employment, staff training and local community integration.

  • Onsite fishery development.