Seascape Caribbean works at the forefront of the industry to improve the capacity, predictability and durability of coral restoration projects and is a founding member to the Coral Restoration Consortium; a NOAA-facilitated global collaborative of coral restoration practitioners, working to bring the concept to the mainstream.



Seascape Caribbean developed the buoyant mid-water line (BDL), also known as Clothesline or String nursery for the in situ culture of coral fragments under Jamaican conditions in 2004 and 2005. A combination of the nursery designs of Bowden-Kerby and of Shafir, this system provide predictable high-survivorship and high healing and growth rates per nursery propagule or fragment. BDL overview =>

Seascape Caribbean employs preparatory systems under a high-turnover silvicultural (forestry) ethos to maximize production, per-propagule health and reefscape coverage in the short-term, and to maximize coral-positive impacts in the medium and long-terms. Such systems allow for large numbers of corals to be set at at high energy locations and conditions, allowing soft-engineering applications in the protection of coastlines and redevelopment of clean-sandy natural beaches.

Seascape Caribbean has developed methods for rapid, low-cost deployment of permanent sand anchors for coral nurseries, marker buoys and light vessels employing adapted manta and cement sand-plugs set through hydraulic liquefaction.

Seascape Caribbean, in collaboration with D&E Marine of Montego Bay, has developed high-survivorship methods for the large turf-plug removal and relocation of Thalassia seagrasses employing hydraulic cutters. 


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