Ecosystem services are valuable. As such, Seascape Caribbean's approach revolves around our clients realizing return on investment (ROI) and less immediate value propositions. Our works fall under three broad client or goal headings that define programmatic priorities; however, these are not mutually exclusive and tend to represent a hierarchy of dovetailing goals.

Rockhouse Negril, Snorkel Garden Site


Beautification, recreation, edutainment and green-branding through direct income generation. Extending a coastal property's area and assets beyond the shoreline boundaries. 


Dredge remediation, coral augmented Ecoreef, Montego Bay

Impact Remediation.

Remediation for incidental and accidental impacts, including net-positive ecological and economic end-point. We approach remediation as a programmatic investment rather than a project cost. 


Mature fish at coral nursery array, Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary

Fisheries Enhancement.

Adult and recruitment habitat improvement, augmenting recruitment, maximized productivity, ecosystem and ecosystem services function, community engagement and protected areas. 


Soft Engineering, Coastal Protections and Beaches.

Corals and growing, self-healing coral reef structure provide a physical barrier to wave energies, protecting infrastructure and allowing the downstream accumulation of sands into beaches and dunes.