Seascaping is analogous to terrestrial landscaping, gardening or forestry occurring on and beyond the coast, using corals, mangroves, seagrasses, fish and shellfish, structures and finally people.  It is the active modification of marine and coastal environments for ecological, aesthetic, recreational or hydrological goals:

Tourism, Recreation and Aesthetics

  • Snorkelling parks, gardens & trails and SCUBA diving product development.

  • Enhancing the guest experience through a high-quality interactive activity.

  • Reefscape colouring by changing the degraded reef’s green-browns to vibrant golds, yellows, purples and iridescent greens, particularly when viewed from above.

  • Green branding and marketing for novel and repeat guests

Engineering and Impacts Mitigation

  • Impact mitigation, remediation and restoration with a net value-positive through beautification, recreation and green-branding onsite, as well as fisheries and social positives offsite.

  • Adaptation of existing hard-engineered structures to sea-level rises associated with climate change.

  • Coastal protection, erosion control and clean sand accretion through turbulent attenuation of wave energy.

Ecosystems, Fisheries and Communities

  • Ecosystem and fisheries enhancement, management, protection and restocking.

  • Employment, staff training and local community integration.

  • Positive social impacts to coastal development.

A propagative coral restoration project for the Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary initiated by the Goldeneye Resort and Spa, Oracabessa, St. Mary, Jamaica, as their snorkelling park.